Subway unveils its first vending machine

(CNN) – Subway has good news for sandwich fans who want their food now and don’t care about a lot of customization.

The restaurant unveiled a new vending machine filled with pre-made sandwiches Monday.

Subway plans to install the machines at places you might expect, including college campuses, airports and hospitals.

The company claims the machines use artificial intelligence to accept verbal orders.

The concept of pre-made sandwiches isn’t new for Subway. It started selling them at places like casinos, gas stations and airports back in 2020.

The grab-and-go experience has helped fill the void left by shuttered restaurants.

Subway’s brick-and-mortar presence has been shrinking for the past five years.

The company said it has seen “record-setting sales” across its 20,000 locations.

It’s hard to know how accurate that statement is since Subway is privately owned and not subject to the same reporting laws as publicly held companies.

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